Seminar Topics on Yam

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List of Seminar Topics on Yam

  • Quality, Acceptability And Microbial Composition Of Ensiled Breweries Spent Grains With Yam Peels

  • Determination Of Weight Changes In Sheep And Goats Fed Supplemental Yam Peels And Raised Semi-Intensively In Teaching And Research Farm

  • Effect Of NPKFertilizer On The Growth And Yield Components Of Yam (Dioscorea SPP), And Egusi-Melon (Colocynthis Citrullus) Intercrop

  • Problems Of Yam Production In Our Community

  • Fabrication Of Yam Pounding Machine

  • The Role Of Intermediaries In Marketing Of Yam Flour Within Baruten Local Government Area Of Kwara State

  • Studies On Nutrient Potentials Of Blends Of Treated Aerial Yam (Dioscorea Bulbifera) And Cowpea (Vignaunguiculata L. Walp) Fed Adult Albino Rats

  • The Production Of Yam Flour

  • Ethanol Production From Yam (Discorea Spp) Peels

  • Problems And Prospects Of Yam Production

  • Evaluation Of Sorghum-Cassava Flour As A Substitute For Traditional Nigerian Yam Flour (Elubo)

  • Nutrient Composition, Functional And Organoleptic Properties Of Complementary Foods From Sorghum, Roasted African Yam Bean And Crayfish

  • Nutrient Composition Functional And Organoleptic Properties Of Complementary Foods From Sorghum Roasted African Yam Bean And Crayfish

  • The Influence Of Processing Methods On The Protein And Cyanide Content Of African Yam Bean (Sphenostylis Stenocarpa)

  • Studies On The Inhibitory Effect On Tyrosine On Polyphenol Oxidase In Water Yam

  • The Production Of Yam Flour From Yam Chips

  • Producing And Sensory Examine The Biscuit Using Wheat Flour, Cassava Flour (Abacha Floor) And African Yam Bean Flour

  • Amylolytic And Beta-Glucanase Activities Of Yam Rot Fungi