Seminar Topics on Writing

Seminar Topics and Materials PDF for Students in Nigeria

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List of Seminar Topics on Writing

  • The Perceived Effect Of Social Media On Writing Skills Of Senior Secondary School

  • Influence Of ICTs On News Writing, A Study Of Practicing Journalists

  • The Moral Decadence In Nietzsche’s Philosophical Writings

  • Influence Of Social Media On The Writing And Reading Ability

  • Reinsurance Practices And Underwriting Capacity Of Insurers In Nigeria

  • The Factors Affecting Assessment Of Writing With Particular Reference To Teachers’ Feedback At SSS II Level

  • An Investigation On Students Poor Performance In Typewriting Examination In Tertiary Institution

  • The Influence Of Social Media On Students Writing Performance (A Case Study Of Secondary Schools In Iwofe)

  • The Strategies And Implementation For Improving Writing And Reading Performance In Primary Schools

  • A Survey Of The Factors Responsible For Student Poor Performance In Shorthand Writing

  • Techniques Of Play Writing: A Study Of Sam Ukala’s Iredi War

  • Impacts Of Adaptation And Genre-Switch On Students Writing Skills In Selected Secondary Schools In Owerri Municipal Council, Imo State

  • Design And Implementation Of A Computerized Insurance Underwriting System

  • Design And Implementation Of A Computer Based Information System For Underwriting Insurance Policies

  • Teacher’s Methods As Correlates Of Senior Secondary School Achievement In English Language Essay Writing In Owerri Education Zone 1

  • The Effect Of Good Communication On Minutes Writing And Production

  • The Effects Of Social Media Abbreviations On The Reading And Writing Abilities Of Nigerian Students (A Case Study Of University Of Calabar)

  • Structure And Communicative Functions Of Nigerian English And It’s Implications On Teaching Writing Skills At The SSS Level

  • The Influence Of Motivation On Junior Secondary School Students’ Performance In Writing

  • Effect Of Text Messaging Abbreviations On The Writing Skills Of Students Of Rivers State University

  • Survey Of Problems Associated With The Teaching And Learning Of Shorthand And Typewriting (A Case Study Of The I.M.T And Osisatech Polytechnics, Enugu)

  • Nexus Between Underwriting Operation And Financial Performance Of Non-Life Insurance Companies In Nigeria

  • Investigating The Perlocutionary Thrust Of Language Of Propaganda In The Political Writings On Nigeria’s 2015 General Elections

  • Design And Implementation Of Gabor Filter Based Yoruba Handwriting Recognition System

  • Effect Of The Language Of Social Media On Secondary School Student Writing Performances

  • Wireless Connectivity; It’s Transformative Impact On The Academic Library Writing A Plan (Action Plan For Some Activity, Advertising Plan, Communications Plan)

  • Impact Of Nigerian Pidgin English On English Writing And Speaking Competence Of Students In Tertiary Institution

  • Factors Constraining Writing Skills In Senior Secondary School Students

  • Strategies Used By Secondary School Teachers For Promoting Creative Writing Skills At The Junior Secondary School Level

  • Influence Of Motivation On Junior Secondary School Students’ Performance In Writing In Ogbomoso South Local Government, Oyo State

  • Causes Of Students Poor Performance In Typewriting And Shorthand

  • Male Absence And Single Parenthood In Black Writing: A Study Of Richard Wright’s Black Boy, Toni Morrison’s Beloved, And Lauretta Ngcobo’s Cross Of Gold

  • Relationship Between Social Networking Habits And Writing Performance Of Senior Secondary School Students In Oorelope Oyo State

  • The Impact Of Proper Underwriting In Promoting Insurance Image In Nigeria (A Study Of Niger Insurance Plc)

  • Implication Of Nigerian English On Teaching And Writing Skills Of Senior Secondary School Students In Ilorin West LGA

  • The Use Of Slang Among University Students And It’s Effect On Writing Of English (A Case Study Of Lagos State University Ojo)