Water Resources and Environmental Engineering Seminar Topics

Seminar Topics and Materials PDF for Students in Nigeria

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List of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering Seminar Topics for Students in Nigeria

  • Design And Structural Detailing Of Bar Bending Schedule Of A 2-Storey Building

  • Bamboo Leaf Ash As A Partial Replacement Of Cement In Concrete

  • Maintenance Of Urban Infrastructure (A Case Study Of Ilorin Metropolis)

  • An Investigation Into Water Demand And Distribution In Ilorin West Local Government

  • Investigation Into The Causes And Remedial Measures Of Pavement Failure (Case Study Of Ganmo-Afon Road Kwra State)

  • Solid Wastes Management Model And Strategy In A Typical Nigeria

  • Evaluation Of Suitability Of Latrite Blocks For Construction Of Animal Houses

  • Foundation Design Of Marine Clay Soils

  • Highway Pavement Failure

  • Causes Of Gully Erosion In Nigeria And Possible Solutions

  • Design, Fabrication And Performance Testing Of Trommel Screen For Solid Waste Processing

  • Landfill Sites And Their Designs

  • Design Mixes For Asphalt Using 1Inch And 1/2 Inch Steel Slag

  • Remodeling Of Conference Room Floor Finishes, Window And Furnitures

  • Determination Of The Causes, Effects Of Water Pollution And Its Possible Control

  • Suitability Of Available Laterite Material In Ilorin East Local Government Area For Road Construction

  • Investigation On The Economic And Life Cycle Cost Benefits Of Concrete Over Asphalt Pavement

  • Investigation On The Characteristics Of Cornstalk Ash Blended Cement

  • A Projection Report On The Effect Of Geometric Properties (Shape) On The Strength Of Interlocking Paving Stone

  • Evaluation Of Highway Materials And Design Performance

  • Effect Of Waste Engine Oil Contamination On Geotechnical Properties Of Clay Soil

  • Investigation Of The Spatial And Temporal Variation Of Sediment Yield And Surface Runoff In Offa Watershed

  • Evaluation Of Tricycle As Public Transport System In An Urban Area (A Case Study Of Ipata-Sango, Ilorin)

  • An Assessment Of The Role Of CAD Programs For Architecture

  • Index Properties Of Laterite Soils Obtained At Different Locations Within Aliero: A Case Study Of Aliero Town, North West Region Of Nigeria

  • Consequences And Evaluation Of The Involvement Of Foreign Companies In Road Constriction In Kwara State

  • Determination Of The Causes, Effects Of Environmental Pollution And Its Possible Control, Within Kwara And Osun State.

  • Design And Production Of Ceiling Board Using Plaster Of Paris (P.O.P) Gypsum Material

  • Estimation Of Wastes Generated In University Of Uyo

  • Effect Of Street Trading On Traffic Performance And Control (A Case Study Of Offa Town)

  • Effect Of Crushed Concrete As Coarse Aggregates In Production Of Concrete

  • Construction Of Paving Stones And Its Installation At The Front Of Faculty Of Engineering

  • Microstructural Investigation Cement Treated Laterite Stabilized With Bamboo Leaf Ash

  • Investigation Into The Suitability Of Sand And Gravel Materials Commonly Used In Building Construction

  • Effect Of Water In An Asphalt Road Pavement

  • Use Of Coconut Shell As A Fine Aggregates For Concrete Production

  • Rehabilitation And Surveying Of Roads

  • Environmental Impact Of Leachate Pollution Of Ground Water Supplies

  • Analysis And Management Of Road Accident: A Case Study Ilorin- Omu Aran Road Kwara State

  • Evaluation Of Mechanical Properties Of Palm Oil Fuel Ash (POFA) Blended – Granite – Gravel Concrete

  • Evaluation Of Physico-Chemical Parameters Of Waste Water From Federal Polytechnic Nekede Fish Farm And Their Impacts On Water Quality (A Case Study Of Federal Polytechnic Nekede Fish Pond)

  • Plumbing System Design For A Residential Block Of Flats

  • Estimating Some Mechanical Properties Of Rock From In-Situ Rebound Values (A Case Study Of Oreke Open Pit Quarry)

  • Investigation Of Causes Of Geological Activity That Resulted In Offices Floor Crack Using Seismic Refraction Method