Seminar Topics on Violations

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List of Seminar Topics on Violations

  • Documenting Human Rights Violations In The Age Of Internet In Africa

  • Civil War And Human Rights Violations In The Democratic Republic Of Congo, 1996 -2003

  • The Criminal Laws And The Violations Of The Rape Victim Rights In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Lagos State)

  • The Violation Of Human Rights; A Critical Review Of The Endsars Protest In Lagos State

  • Criminalizing Rape As A Solution To Sexual Violation In Nigeria

  • Human Right Violation In Nigeria And Its Implication

  • Lekki Shootings And The Violation Of Human Rights: A Qualitative Review Of The Endsars Protest

  • The Penal Responsibility And Sanctions For Violations Of International Humanitarian Law

  • The Violation Of Women Right In African Novel Faceless And Women At Point Zero Portrayed

  • Critical Analysis Of The Implication Of Human Right Violation In The Nigeria Society

  • Violations Of Ethical Journalism Among Media Practitioners In Nigeria. Causes, Effects And Solutions

  • History Of Human Rights Violations In Nigeria, 1970-1999

  • Sexual Violation Among Undergraduates

  • Violation Of Human Rights By The Military Regime

  • Analysis Of Reports On Human Rights Violations In The Guardian And Daily Sun Newspapers In Nigeria (July To December 2023)