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List of Theology and Biblical Studies Seminar Topics for Students in Nigeria

  • The Impact On Children Evangelism On Church Growth

  • Impact Of Finance On Church Growth: A Case Study Of Church Of God Mission, Igbudu District Headquarter, Warri

  • Effect Of Pastoral Ministry And Church Growth

  • Effect Of Pastoral Care On Church Growth

  • The Role Of Christians In National Politics: The Nigerian Experience

  • Assessment Of Perception Of Voluntary Counselling & Testing (VCT) Of HIV/AIDS Among Christian Students In Secondary Schools

  • Factors Affecting Effective Communication In Marriage Within Christendom: A Case Study Of Pentecostal And Orthodox Churches

  • Mismanagement Of Funds In The Church: Issues And Prospects (A Case Study Of Universal Reformed Christian Church)

  • A Discourse Analysis Of Jesus’ Conversation With The Samaritan Woman

  • The Ministry Of Prayer And Its Implication For Growth

  • The Role Of The Church In Ensuring Peace And Harmony In The Society

  • Impact Of Church Administration On Effective Management Of Church Sponsored Schools (A Case Study Of Covenant University, Ota)

  • The Need For A New Approach To Christian Leadership Development (A Case Study Of Pentecostal Assemblies Of God Church)

  • Challenges Of African Traditional Religion On Christianity In Ngwa Land

  • The Nature And Role Of Faith In The Life Of A Christian

  • Youth Empowerment: A Tool For Church Growth (A Case Study Of Central Calabar Presbytery)

  • The Role Of Church Leaders In Growth And Survival Of A Church

  • Study Into The Acceptance, Perception And Attitude Of Christians Towards Tithing In Nigeria: A Case Study Of Selected Christians In Ikorodu, Lagos State

  • The Challenge Of Effective Christian Leadership In 21st Century Church (A Case Study Of Three Pentecostal Churches In Anambra State)

  • Survey Of Opinion On Marital Conflict And Academic Achievements Of Christian Religious Studies Students In Iseyin District Grammar School, Iseyin, Oyo State

  • Nature Of Christina Missionary Activities In West Africa

  • Survey Of The Reasons For Low Rate Of Conversion Though Saturation Evangelism Has Occurred In Umudibia Nekede

  • Religious Institutions And The Quest For Peace And Harmony In The Nigerian Society

  • The Church Minister And Challenges Of Moral Upbringing Of His Family (A Case Study Of Selected Churches In Osun State)

  • The Language Of Christian Religion; A Comparative Study Of Roman Catholic Church And Some Selected Pentecostal Denominations

  • An Investigation Into The Effectiveness Of Faith In The Life Of A Christian

  • Religious Conflicts In Nigeria; Issues And Solutions

  • Financial Management In Church Administration (A Case Study Of New Life Gospel Church Zone 6 Osun State)

  • Influence Of Media Evangelism On Spiritual Growth And Faith Formation

  • The Role Of Evangelism In Church Revival (A Case Study Of House On The Rock, Uyo)

  • Impact Of Churches On The Economy Of Nigeria (A Case Study Of Select Churches In Ikeja, Lagos

  • Religion In A Scientific And Technology Era: The Nigerian Experience

  • The Impact Of House Fellowship System On The Life Of An Individual Church Member By Using Living Faith Church In Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria As A Case Study

  • Impact Of Missions In The Rural Development Of Churches

  • The Impact Of Doctrinal Difference On The Church

  • The Threats To Sustainable Peace In Nigeria; The Role Of The Church

  • The Role Of The Church In Sustaining Peace In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Jama’a LGA, Kaduna State)

  • Youth Life Style And Church Growth

  • Comparative Study Of The Challenges Of The First Son In Benin Tradition And The Bible

  • Challenges And Prospects Of Christian Healing Ministry

  • The Biblical Examination Of Factors Responsible For Divisions In The Churches

  • The Role Of Christian Association Of Nigeria (CAN) In Church Regulation In Nigeria

  • Widowhood And Its Challenges In Christianity

  • Broken Marriage, Causes, And Effects On Children In Christian Homes

  • The Impact Of Allegorical Interpretation On Preaching

  • The Relevance Of Anointing On The Minister Of The Gospel For Effectiveness

  • An Examination Of The Principle Of Biblical Practice On Giving In The 21st Century Church: A Case Study Of Church Of God Mission, Warri

  • Immorality In Churches: Issues And The Way Forward

  • The Effect Of Denominational Practices On The Growth Of The Church

  • Effective Church Leadership As A Key To Church Growth

  • Critiquing The Ontological Argument Of St. Anselm

  • Impact Of Christianity On The Cultural Values Of Esan People

  • Strategies For Improving Inter-Faith Relationships In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Christian Association Of Nigeria [CAN])

  • Religious Conflict In Nigeria And Its Ethno-Religious Implications

  • A Semantic Analysis Of Psalm 51

  • The Role Of Christian Association Of Nigeria In National Building (A Case Study Of Can Lagos State Branch)

  • Apostasy And Church Growth

  • Christian Unity In Nigeria: Empirical Study Of Various Christian Denominations In Uyo, Akwa Ibom State

  • Excellence In Public Relation Concept And Church Growth Of Christ Army Church (A Two Ways Symmetrical Analysis)

  • Christian Teaching Ministry And Its Implications In The Contemporary Udi Local Government Area, Enugu State Nigeria

  • Christian Participation In Politics: A Moral Concern In Contemporary Nigeria

  • Church Planting In Nigeria: Issues And Prospects

  • Grooming The Next Generation For Leadership Succession And Its Implication For Contemporary Church

  • The Effect Of Social Responsibility On Church Growth

  • Impact Of Digital And Information Technology On Church Growth

  • Investigating Factors Responsible For Causes And Effects Of Poverty On The Church Of God In The 21st Century

  • Christian Marriages And How Infidelity Affects Them

  • The Challenges Of Ministerial Responsibilities And Its Effects On The Minister`s Home

  • An Appraisal Of The Nature And Effect Of Moral Development And Reasoning

  • The Influence Of Pentecostal Churches On The Development Of Education: Living Faith Church (Winners Chapel) As A Case Study

  • The Crisis Of Leadership In The Postmodern Era

  • The Role Of Church In Empowering Youths Through Entrepreneurial Activities And Programs, By Using Shepherd Porch Business Academy, Calabar, Nigeria As A Case Study

  • Virginity In The Old Testament And Contemporary Nigerian Society (A Case Study Of TIV Society, Benue State)

  • Negative Attitudes Of Children Of Church Ministers And Its Effects On Preaching The Gospel: Case Studies Of All Churches

  • An Investigation Into The Effect Of Family Welfare On The Performance Of A Missionary

  • The Effect Of Belief On The Growth Of Churches In Nigeria

  • Teaching Practice Experiences Of Christian Religious Studies Student-Teachers: Challenges And Possible Panacea (A Case Study Of Enugu State College Of Education (Technical), Enugu

  • The Role Of The Church In Reducing Unemployment In Nigeria (A Case Study Of House On The Rock Church, Abuja)

  • Impact Of Church Administration On Effective Management Of The Church (A Case Study Of RCCG Holy Ghost Sanctuary Zone, Osun State)