Shipping and Maritime Technology Seminar Topics

Seminar Topics and Materials PDF for Students in Nigeria

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List of Shipping and Maritime Technology Seminar Topics for Students in Nigeria

  • A Study Of Maritime Frauds And Its Effects On World Seaborne Trade

  • Shipping Trade And It’s Impact On Economic Growth In Nigeria

  • The Effectiveness Of Clearing And Forwarding Procedure On The Procurement Efficiency (A Case Study Of Apapa)

  • A Study On Ship Financing In Nigeria

  • Assessing Maritime Security, Information And Communications Technology Application

  • An Analysis Of The Level Of Implementation Of Imo Conventions In Nigerian Shipping Sector (A Case Study Of Port State Control)

  • Maritime Insecurity And Its Impact On Trade Facilitation In Nigeria

  • Impact Of Port Concession In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Apapa Seaport)

  • The Effectiveness Of Maritime Transport On The Economy Growth In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Maritime)

  • The Roles Of Maritime Logistics To The Economic Growth In Nigeria

  • The Contributions Of Shipping Industry To The Development Of Nigerian Economy

  • The Study Of Maritime Fraud And It’s Effect On Competitiveness Of Nigerian Port (A Case Study Of Apapa Port)

  • The Dynamics Of Human Relations In The Maritime Industry In Nigeria

  • The Importance Of Shipping To The Economic Development Of Nigeria

  • An Assessment Of The Role Of Financial Institution In The Nigerian Maritime Industry

  • The Impact Of Motivation On Staff Efficiency In The Maritime Industry (A Case Study Of Rivers Port)

  • Development Of Maritime Industry In Nigeria And Its Role In Private Sector

  • Maritime Entrepreneurship And Economic Development In Nigeria

  • Impact Of Transportation On Economic Growth; An Assessment Of Road And Rail Transport Systems

  • Analysis Of Cost Optimization Of Port Operation (A Case Study Of Apapa Port In Lagos State)

  • Maritime Logistics As An Emerging Discipline

  • The Impact Of Improved Infrastructure And Efficient Cargo Delivery In Nigeria Port (A Case Study Of Calabar Port Complex)

  • The Impact Of Maritime Fraud On Port Productivity In Nigerian Port (A Case Study Of Apapa Port)

  • The Application Of Information Systems In The Prevention Of Pollution In The Maritime Industry (A Case Study Of Rivers Port)

  • Improving The Efficiency Of Security Agents In Ports

  • An Analysis On The Impacts Of Marine Pollution To Shipping Operations And Marine Environment (Case Study Of The Nigeria Niger Delta Region)

  • Impact Of Maritime Transport On Economic Development Of Nigeria

  • An Analysis Of Determinants Of Accident Involving Marine Vessels In Nigeria’s Waterways

  • The Effect Of Maritime Insecurity On Port Competitiveness (A Cases Study Of Apapa Port)

  • An Evaluation Of The Role Of Nigerian Maritime Administration And Safety Agency (NIMASA) In The Maritime Industry