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List of Petroleum Engineering Seminar Topics for Students in Nigeria

  • Comparative Economics Of Petroleum Production Optimization Techniques

  • Optimization Of Strategies For Natural Gas Utilization, Case Study Of The Niger Delta

  • Quantifying Incremental Oil Production And Economics Of Using Intelligent Completion As A Tool For Reservoir Management

  • Analysis Of Void Fraction Phase Distribution Of Gas-Liquid Flow In A Horizontal Pipe Using Wire Mesh Sensor Data

  • Development Of A Computer Program For Solids Control

  • Development Of Coning Correlations For Oil Rim Reservoirs Using Experimental Design And Response Surface Methodology

  • Design And Construction Of A Microcontroller Based Liquified Petroleum Gas Leakage Detector Using GSM Module

  • Effects Of Petroleum Level (Waste Oil) On Soil Fertility In The Vicinity Of A Mechanic Workshop

  • Natural Flow And Tubing String Design For A Water Drive Reservoir

  • Statistical Characterization Of Performance Of Biopolymer Drill-In Fluid For Different Rheological Models

  • Petroleum Exploration Palynostratigraphy; A Case Study Of Abo-1 Well, Offshore Depobelt, Niger Delta Basin

  • Analytical Study Of A Small Scale Biomass Gasifier

  • Pressure Analysis Of A Well With An Inclined Hydraulic Fracture In A Naturally Fractured Reservoir

  • Development Of A Gas Condensate Reservoir

  • Modeling And Simulation Of Reservoir Formation Damage Due To Chemical Precipitation And Particulate Processes

  • Estimation Of Coefficient Of Isothermal Oil Compressibility For Undersaturated Reservoir By Cubic Equation Of State

  • An Assessment Of Gravel Packing Methods Used In The Petroleum Industry

  • Local Content In The Oil And Gas Industry Of Nigeria; Challenges, Prospects And The Way Forward

  • Illegal Oil Bunkering In Nigeria; Implication On Economic Growth And Development

  • Supply Chain Mechanism On Nigeria Petroleum Products Distribution

  • Effect Of Sub-Optimal Production Of A Gas Lifted Well (Case Of Not Injecting From The Orifice)

  • Development Of Nodal Analysis For Production Optimization – A Software Assisted Approach

  • Application Of Minimum Curvature Method To Wellpath Calculations

  • Deepwater Petroleum Exploration And Production In The Gulf Of Guinea

  • A-Three Dimensional Numerical Simulator For Expansion-Drive Reservoirs

  • Pressure Transient Analysis Using SAPHIR

  • Natural Flow And Artificial Lift For A Solution Gas Drive Reservoir

  • Gas Lift Optimization Of Oil Producing Wells Using Prosper Nodal Analysis

  • An Approach To Well Placement And Production In A Green Field

  • The Impact Of ICT In Nigerian Oil And Gas Sector

  • Hydrodynamics Behaviour Of Slug Flow In 800 Off The Horizontal Pipe Using Electrical Capacitance Tomography (ECT) Data

  • Detailed Analysis Of Pressure Drop In A Large Diameter Vertical Pipe

  • A Review Of Application Of Pressure Derivative Concept To Multirate Tests

  • Investigating Horizontal-Well Interference Test Applications

  • Investigating The Behaviour Of Air-Silicone Oil Flows In Vertical And Horizontal Pipes For Effective Gas-Liquid Transport

  • Simulation Of Gas Dehydration On An FPSO Using Aspen HYSYS

  • Development Of Breakthrough Time Correlations For Coning In Bottom Water Supported Reservoirs

  • Application Of Intelligent Well Completion In Optimizing Production From Oil Rim Reservoirs

  • An Investigation On The Impact Of Leasing On Financial Performance Of Nigerian Manufacturing Sector

  • The Effect Of Pipeline Vandalization In Nigeria (Problems And Solution)

  • Analysis Of Refrigeration System Utilizing Waste Heat On A Ship

  • Analysis Of Properties Of Kaolin Deposits In Nigeria (Case Of Studies Of Kpankorogi And Ijero-Ekiti)

  • Design A Vacuum Distillation Unit For The Efficient Processing Of 10 Barrels Per Day Of Atmospheric Residue To Produce Light Vacuum Gas Oil, Heavy Gas Oil And Vacuum Residue

  • Comparative Analysis Of Reserves Determination Techniques In Overpressured Gas Reservoirs

  • Identification Of Well Problems Using Well Testing (A Case Study Of Umu-N2 Well Of Midwestern Oil And Gas Company, Kwale, Nigeria)

  • Investigation Into Pipeline Vandalism

  • Reservoir Simulation Using MBAL (A Case Study Of RZD Field)

  • An Experimental Model To Predict And Control Oilfield Emulsion Tightness; A Novel Approach

  • Practical Approaches For Solving Lost Circulation Problems While Drilling

  • Building And Ranking Of Geostatistical Petroleum Reservoir Models

  • Evaluation Of In-Fill Well Placement And Optimization Using Experimental Design And Genetic Algorithm

  • Quantification Of Uncertainty And Risks For Developing Marginal Fields

  • Assessment Of Safe And Cost Effective Methods To Maximize Production (Profitability) From A Gas-Lifted Field

  • A Review Of The Rheological Effects Of Power Law Drilling Fluids On Cuttings Transportation In Non-Vertical Boreholes

  • Production Prediction And Analysis In Depleted Oil Reservoirs

  • Enhanced Oil Recovery In High Viscous Reservoir Using The Thermal Process

  • Prediction Of The Dew-Point Pressure Of A Gas Condensate Reservoir

  • Development Of Generalized Well Semi-Analytical Coning Models

  • Performance Evaluation Of Solvents Blend For Silicone Defoamer

  • Treatment Of Produced Water To Meet Irrigation Standard

  • A Study Of The Nigerian Petroleum Retail Market

  • Diagnostic Plots For Analysis Of Water Production And Reservoir Performance

  • Mathematical Model For Liquid Loading In Natural Gas Well Production

  • Comparative Study Of Oil Properties Extracted From African Pear Pulp Using Mechanical And Solvent Method

  • Effects Of Partial Completion On Productivity Index

  • Material Balance Application For Brownfield Development

  • Directional Drilling Hydraulics Optimization Using Conventional And Nanobased Drilling Fluids

  • Implication Of Void Prediction In The Determination Of Pressure Gradient In Vertical Pipes

  • Development Of Waste Based Biostimulant For The Remediation Of Crude Oil Contaminated Soil

  • Empirical Correlation Of Oil Effective Permeability As A Function Of Pressure

  • Utilization Of Nodal Analysis Technique For Selecting The Optimum Tubing Size To Achieve An Optimum Production Rate In Naturally Flowing Well Via Modelling

  • The Suitability Of Egg Shell And Snail Shell Waste As Local Materials In Improving The PH Of Mud

  • Estimation Of Drilling Wastes – An Environmental Concern While Drilling Oil And Gas Wells

  • Reduction Of Oil Spillage Using Wood Plastic Composite From Saw Dust, White Sand And Low Density Polyethylene Waste

  • Improved Model For Prediction And Remediation Of Formation Damage In Oil Wells

  • The Use Of Coconut Fibre As Standard pH Enhancer For Drilling Mud Formulation