Islamic / Sharia Law Seminar Topics

Seminar Topics and Materials PDF for Students in Nigeria

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List of Islamic / Sharia Law Seminar Topics for Students in Nigeria

  • Absence Of Codification Of Medical Negligence The Law

  • Will; A Comparative Analysis Under Common And Islamic Laws

  • Protection Of The Rights Of Individuals In Armed Conflict Situation: A Comparative Analysis Of Islamic And International Humanitarian Laws

  • The Principle Of Inheritance Under The Customary And Islamic Law

  • Marital Rights And Obligations In Islamic Law; A Critical Analysis Of Its Practice In Northern Nigeria

  • Competence And Compellability; Is Child Evidence Admissible

  • An Assessment Of Islamic Law As Customary Law Viz A Viz The Supreme Court Ruling In Alkamawa V Bello And Anor

  • Conventional And Islamic Mortgage Financing; A Legal Comparison

  • Ownership And Control Of Mineral Resources Under The Shariah And Nigerian Statute (A Comparative Analysis)

  • Critical Examination Of The Right Of Artificially Inseminated Child To Inherit Under Islamic Law

  • Confession Of One Of The Accused Person Against Another Person In Common And Islamic Law

  • Insurance Under Nigerian Statutes; The Islamic Law Alternative

  • The Concept Of Sulh In Islamic Law; A Case Study Of The Practice And Procedure Of The Katsina State Sharia Courts

  • Divorce; Its Incidents And Place In The Nigerian Legal And Cultural System

  • Human Rights And National Security; A Critical Appraisal Of The Nigerian Perspective

  • The Role Of The Institution Of Hisba In The Sharia Implementing States In Northern Nigeria