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Seminar Topics and Materials PDF for Students in Nigeria

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List of History / Theatre Art Seminar Topics for Students in Nigeria

  • Principles Of Designing And The Application Of Makeup In Nollywood Production

  • Effect Of Twitter Social Networking Site On The Achievement Of Senior Secondary School Students In History In Nsukka Local Government Area

  • Costuming An Absurd Play; Case Study Of Samuel Beckett’s Waiting For Godot

  • A Study Of Attitude Towards History As A School Subject Among Senior Secondary Students In Idah Local Government Area, Kogi State

  • The Effects Of Violent Movies On Adolescents In Two Senior Secondary Schools In Zaria

  • The Influence Of Excursion And Field Trips On Student Academic Performance In History As A Subject In Secondary Schools In Ovia North LGA Of Edo

  • Social Consciousness In Ahmed Yerima’s Plays: A Comparative Analysis Of “Hard Ground” And “Little Drop”

  • Influence Of Nigerian Home Video Films On Criminality

  • Participatory Communication And Women Empowerment

  • Auteurism And Film Directing In Nollywood: An Analysis Of Kunle Afolayan Films

  • Comparative Influence Of Broken Home And The Consumption Of Hard Drugs On Academic Performance Of History Students In Ilorin South And West

  • The Importance And Functions Of Costumes As An Inevitable Tool In The Promotion And Development Of Theatrical Performances

  • Film Script; A Study Of Techniques

  • The Influence Of Western Culture On The Nigerian Traditional Marriage System

  • Value Of Owigiri Dance

  • Teachers Perception On The Challenges Of Teaching History In Secondary Schools

  • Effects Of Class Size In Effective Teaching And Learning Of History In Secondary School

  • The Impact Of The Nigeria Civil War In The Lives Of Teenagers And Children

  • A Comparative Study Of Traditional And Contemporary Nigerian Dances

  • The Impact Of Nigerian National Theatre As A Vehicle For Cultural Promotion And Commercial Venture

  • Women’s Participation In Communicating Primary Healthcare Policy

  • Challenges Associated With The Implementation Of History Curriculum In Senior Secondary School.

  • Theatre And Copyright Law

  • Examination Of The Technique Of Code Switching In Selected Songs Of Sikiru Ayinde Barrister

  • Radio Drama As A Tool For Social Change

  • Formalistic Analysis Of Nollywood Film: A Study Of Selected Films

  • A Critical Study Of Socio-Cultural Practices Hindering Women’s Political Participation

  • Drama As A Tool For Moral Development In Junior Secondary School Students In Owerri Municipal LGA: A Study Of Trials Of Brother Jero And The Lion And The Jewel

  • Teachers Professional Development And Effective Teaching Of History In Senior Secondary Schools.

  • Techniques Of Play Writing: A Study Of Sam Ukala’s Iredi War

  • Theatre As A Tool For Communicating Hand Washing Among Primary School Pupils

  • Methods Of Teaching History In Junior Secondary Schools

  • The Problem Of Teaching And Learning History In Secondary School

  • Significance Of Stage Lighting In A Play Production

  • Communicating Change And Societal Values In Selected Nigerian Home Movies

  • Role Of Music In Traditional Festival

  • Assessment Of The Use Of ICT Facilities In Teaching History Between Public And Private Secondary School

  • Assessing Participatory Research For Effective Design Of Health Communication

  • Factors Militating Against Students Commitment To The Study Of History

  • Theatre As A Vehicle For Social Development And Reformation: A Parliament Of Vulture And Once Upon Four Robbers

  • History Of National Theatre In Nigeria

  • Role Of Cinematographers In The Film Making Process

  • Functions And Relevance Of Costume In Ngwas Ekpe Festival

  • Technical Design As A Challenge In Theatre Management (A Case Study Of Ekiti State Arts Council)

  • The Role Of Drama And Movie In The Propagation Of Culture