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List of Food and Nutrition Seminar Topics for Students in Nigeria

  • Analysis Of The Hygienic Condition Of Canteen Food Services

  • Nutritional Composition And Cyanogenic Content Of Gari Samples In Osun State

  • The Role Of A Nutritionist In The Improvement Of Peoples Eating Habit (A Case Study Amauzari In Isiala Mbano LGA)

  • Effect Of Spices Extract Ginger, Extract Garlic And Salt Concentration On The Microbial Load Of Locust Bean Seeds (Parkia Biglobosa)

  • The Effect Of A 4 Weeks Introductory Nutrition Education On Dietary Habit, Body Composition And Physical Health

  • Effects Of Three Selected Spices: Alligator Pepper, Cloves And Ginger On The Quality Attributes Of Kunun-Zaki

  • Proximate Analysis And Potassium Bromate Level Of Selected Bread Consumed In Sokoto Metropolis

  • Perceived Causes And Prevention Of Malnutrition Among Primary School Pupils In Ilorin East Local Government, Kwara State

  • Production And Evaluation Of Bread Using Blend Of Wheat Flour And Fermented Plantain Flour

  • Proximate And Physicochemical Analysis Of Fish Flour Obtained From Three Fish Species

  • An Investigation Into The Health Dangers Of Potassium Bromate In Bread

  • Indigenous Method Of Controlling Cowpea Pests

  • Analysis Of Nutritional Policies And It’s Implementation In Secondary Schools In Rivers State

  • Positive Correlation Between Good Diets And Human Health

  • Food Consumption Patterns And Nutritional Status Assessment Of Bus Drivers In Oja Oba, Osogbo

  • A Comparative Study Of Secondary School Students Academic Performance In Food And Nutrition In WAEC And NECO Examinations From 2006-2011