Education and Music Seminar Topics

Seminar Topics and Materials PDF for Students in Nigeria

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List of Education and Music Seminar Topics for Students in Nigeria

  • Exposure To Pop Music And Moral Behavior Of Students

  • Effectiveness Of Music In Indomie Noodles Jingle And Commercial On Children Consumption Habit

  • Influence Of Music As A Tool For Promoting Moral

  • A Public Perception Of Music-Videos And Behavioural Change Towards Global Warming

  • The Influence Of Motivation And Job Satisfaction On Music Teachers And Junior Secondary School Student’s Performance

  • Code Mixing As A Sociolinguistic Medium In Some Selected Songs In The Nigerian Music Industry

  • Impact Of Indigenous Music On Radio Content Stations In Benue State

  • Impact Of Musical Programmes On The Cultural Behaviour Of Students

  • The Influence Of Foreign Music On Lifestyle Of Nigeria Youths (A Case Study Of Warri, Delta)

  • Rituals, Music, Songs And Dances In Nigeria

  • The Effect Of Music In Cultural Identity

  • The Effects And Consequences Of Social Media On Music Artists, Music Consumption And Its Impact On The Nigerian Music Industry

  • Students’ Perception Of Tertiary Music Studies

  • The Influence Of MTV Base Musical Programme On The Dressing Pattern Of ABSU Students

  • Role Of Music In Traditional Festival

  • The Impact Of Music As A Therapy For Depression

  • The Influence Of Music On The Academic Performance Of Novena University Undergraduates

  • Impact Of Channel O Musical Programmes

  • Impact Of Channel O Musical Programmes On The Cultural Behavior Of Idah Polytechnic Students

  • The Influence Of Music On Language Acquisition In Children: Perspectives Of Primary School Teachers In Enuhu North Local Government Area Enugu State

  • The Use Of Code Switching And Code Mixing In Nigeria (A Case Study: Hip Pop Music)

  • Influence Of Sexual Musical Videos On The Sexual Orientation Of Students

  • Effects Of Nigerian R&B Music On The Use Of English Language In Nigeria

  • Audience Perception Of Media Influence On Music Preference (A Study Of Owerri Urban Resident)

  • A Comparative Study On Student’s Preference For News And Musical Programme On Radio

  • Musical Equipment Rentals Business Plan in Nigeria

  • Audience Perception Of Digital Television On Musical Programmes On DSTV

  • Effect Of Music On Substance Abuse By Young Adults In Nigeria

  • Music And Revolution; A Study Of Fela Anikulapo Kuti

  • The Impact Of Radio Musical Programmes On Nigerian Youths