Cultural and Creative Art / Hausa Seminar Topics

Seminar Topics and Materials PDF for Students in Nigeria

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List of Cultural and Creative Art / Hausa Seminar Topics for Students in Nigeria

  • Masquerade Of Afiolu Festival in Nnewi

  • Historical Analysis Of Academic Programme Of The Department Of Fine And Applied Arts In Umar Suleiman College Of Education Gashua Inception

  • Illiteracy

  • Sculptural Composition

  • Art as a Vehicle to Religious Education Enugu State (A Case Study Of Ezeagu L. G. A)

  • Restoration And Conservation In Concrete Sculpture

  • An Adaptation Of Woven Fabric On Batik For Personal Clothing

  • The Effect Of Poor Maintenance Studio Equipment And The Practice

  • Effect Of Poor Maintenance Studio Equipment And The Practice Of Art

  • Facial Expression In Power Tussle (An Adaptation Of Casting And Metal Construction Technique)

  • Publicity Design Company On Bribery And Corruption (Using Graphics Medium)

  • An Examination Of Factors Affecting Students’ Behaviour In Cultural And Creative Arts

  • Supplication (A Case Study Of Forms In Wood Carving)

  • Uli in Mgboko-Odobo Festival

  • Computer Animation And Its Role In Advertising Focus On Online Advertising

  • Mobile publicity using wind vaneusing, a vane on a mechanism with four cardinal points for the use of wind vane to show which way the wind is blowing, also to publicize sculpture garden

  • Print Experimentation On Different Surfaces With Different Medium

  • An Appraisal Of Ayo Aina’s Installation Art

  • Adaptation Of Woven Fabric, Box Bag And Traveling Bag On Batik For Utility – The Box Bag Or Traveling Bag

  • An Evaluation Of Decorated Traditional Cloth Used In TIV Cultural Activities

  • The Effects Of The Socratic Method On Students Art Performances In Secondary Schools

  • The Influence Of Photographic Images In Advert Design

  • Creative Use Of Beads And Batik For Interior Decoration

  • Mobile Publicity Using A Vane

  • A Concrete Work Of Pieta

  • Mix-Media in Sculpture

  • The Role Of Models In Advertising: An Analysis Of Food And Beverage

  • Costumes, Colours And Symbols As Seen In Ozubulu Chieftaincy Coronation Title

  • Acrylic Painting On A Pictorial Representation Of Reading Culture Among Students In Fine Art

  • Facial Expression In Power Tussle

  • Artistic Elements In Ekpe Masquerade

  • A Survey Of The Availability And Use Of Instructional Materials For Art Teaching

  • Art Forms On Opoto Festival In Enugwu – Agidi

  • Prototype (Model) Of A Gallery For The IMT Art School

  • A Contextual Analysis Of Selected Artifacts In The Museum

  • Cartoon A Factor Of Nigeria’s Social History

  • Studio Production And Communicativeness Of TIV Tradition Clothing

  • Campaign Against Sexual Immorality In Campus A Visual Representation

  • An Examination Of Traditional Mural Art Of The Obingwa

  • Photo Publicity Of Tourism

  • Adopting Screen Printing Technique For The Production Of Commemorative Fabric

  • An Illustration Of Traditional Marriage