Commerce Seminar Topics

Seminar Topics and Materials PDF for Students in Nigeria

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List of Commerce Seminar Topics for Students in Nigeria

  • The Impact Of E-Commerce On Emerging Markets

  • Reducing Unemployment Through Co-operative Movement

  • The Effect Of Value Added Tax On Price Stability In Nigerian Economy

  • The Impact Of E-Commerce On Emerging Markets (A Case Study Of Konga)

  • Impact Of Foreign Direct Investment On The Economic Growth Of Nigeria (1986-2010)

  • Evaluation Of The Role Of E-Commerce In Reducing Operational Cost In An Organization

  • Critical, Creative And Caring Thinking As A Solution To Violence In Nigeria Institutions

  • Outsourcing Human Resource Functions And Performance

  • The Use Of Supply Chain Management In Manufacturing Organisation To Control Inventory Levels While Providing Adequate Service To Customers

  • Impact Of Logistics And Outsourcing Management On Material Availability Of An Organization (A Case Study Of 7Up Bottling Company Limited)

  • Co-operative Thrift And Credit Society

  • The Impact Of Outsourcing Decision On Material Availability

  • An Examination Of The Role Cooperation Thrift And Credit Societies To The Development Of Urban Area (A Study Of Orphanage Mother Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited)

  • Monetary Incentives And Employee Performance

  • Human Resource Outsourcing And Performance Of Selected Food And Beverage Firm

  • Effect Of Globalization On National Security

  • The Impact Of Road Network On The Marketing Of Agricultural Produce In Nigeria