Chemical and Polymer Engineering Seminar Topics

Seminar Topics and Materials PDF for Students in Nigeria

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List of Chemical and Polymer Engineering Seminar Topics for Students in Nigeria

  • Optimization Of Biodiesel Production From Yellow Oleander And Castor Oils And Studies Of Their Fuel Properties Production Of Surface Shine (Polish)

  • Effect Of Controlled Fermentation Using Aspergillus Niger And Trichoderma Harzanium On Nutrient Composition Of Pre-Treated Bengal Indigo (Indigofera Arrecta) Seeds

  • Effect Of Acrylic Polymer Dispersions On Water Vapour Permeability And Some Other Physical Properties Of Finished Leathers

  • Synthesis Of A Novel Organokaolinite With Improved Sorption Characteristics Using Kaolinite And Cetyl Trimethyl Ammonium Bromide

  • Characterization And Disposal Of Municipal Solid Waste: A Case Study Of University Of Benin Community

  • Extraction And Study Of Effect Of Heat On Caffeine Extracted From Kola Nut

  • Thermal Degradation And Stabilization Of PVC

  • The Production Of Biodiesel (Fame) From Palm Kernel Oil (PKO) Using Concentrated Sulphuric Acid As Catalyst

  • Production Of Biodegrable Plastic Films From Cassava Starch Used In Food Packaging, Using Various Additives And Plasticizers

  • Effect Of Temperature On The Yield Of Shea Butter In An Unbaffled Vessel At Selected Kneading Period

  • Activities Of Cytochrome Oxidase In The Rat Liver Of Normal And Protein Undernourished Rats Fed With Diet Containing Cassava Peel