Animal Breeding and Genetics Seminar Topics

Seminar Topics and Materials PDF for Students in Nigeria

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List of Animal Breeding and Genetics Seminar Topics for Students in Nigeria

  • Assessment Of Weight Gain Between Indigenous And Exotic Breed Of Broiler

  • Performance Indices And Water Consumption Of Tortoise (Kinixyx Erosa, Schweigger, 1812) Fed Boiled Unripe Plantain Under Different Watering Regime In Captivity

  • Performance Response Of Feedlot Bunaji Bulls To Dietary Inclusion Of Thaumatococcus Daniellii Leaf Meal

  • A Statistical Univariate Analysis Of The General Response Of Local Dogs To Vaccination (A Case Study Of The National Veterinary Research Institute, Vom Plateau State)

  • Effect Of Breed And Sex And Dry Season On Packed Cell Volume Of Chicken

  • Influence Of Genotype And Feed Restriction On Post-Weaning Growth Performance Of Domestic Rabbit

  • The Effects Of Dietary Synthetic Amino Acid (Lysine) Levels On Growth And Feed Utilization Of Clarias Gariepinus Fingerlings

  • Effect Of Breed, Age And Sex On Growth, Haematological, Serum Biochemical And Carcass Characteristics Of Turkeys (Meleagris Gallopavo)